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Arcus Scripting

Scripting with Microsoft Azure in a breeze.

Azure Storage - Tables

This module provides the following capabilities:


To have access to the following features, you have to import the module:

PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.Table

Creating a new table in an Azure Storage Account

(Re)Create a Azure Table Storage within an Azure Storage Account.

Parameter Mandatory Description
ResourceGroupName yes The resource group where the Azure Storage Account is located
StorageAccountName yes The name of the Azure Storage Account to add the table to
TableName yes The name of the table to add on the Azure Storage Account
Recreate no The optional flag to indicate whether or not a possible already existing table should be deleted and re-created


With non-existing table:

PS> Create-AzStorageTable -ResourceGroupName "stock" -StorageAccountName "admin" -TableName "products"
# Creating table 'products' in the storage account 'admin'..."

With existing table and re-create:

PS> Create-AzStorageTable -ResourceGroupname "stock" -StorageAccountName "admin" -TableName "products" -Recreate
# Deleting existing table 'products' in the storage account 'admin'...
# Creating table 'products' in the storage account 'admin'..