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Version: v0.3

Azure Storage for file shares

This module provides the following capabilities:


To have access to the following features, you have to import the module:

PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.FileShare -RequiredVersion 0.3.0

Creating a folder on an Azure file share#

Creates a new folder within the Azure File Share resource.

ResourceGroupNameyesThe resource group containing the Azure File Share.
StorageAccountNameyesThe Azure Storage Account name that hosting the Azure File Share.
FileShareNameyesThe name of the Azure File Share.
FolderNameyesThe name of the folder to create in the Azure File Share.


Create-AzFileShareStorageFolder -ResourceGroupName "shipping-resources" -StorageAccountName "tracking-account-storage" -FileShareName "returned" -FolderName "containers"# Creating 'containers' directory in file share..# Directory 'containers' has been created..